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Some local gp surgeries participate in the Prescription Ordering Direct Scheme (POD).


These surgeries are listed on this link here.

If you are a patient of any one of these surgeries you need to choose one of the three following options to register for your electronic prescriptions to be sent to our Pharmacy. 

complete the online form below 

Click here to register online for free delivery.

Download the app on your phone


Click here or scan the QR code using your smartphone to download our app 


On IOS phone, open your camera and scan the above QR code/barcode above 

On Android phone, open Google Lens and then scan the above QR code/barcode


Get more information about the app here 


Print the form and hand to pharmacy

Print our the registration form here and hand it directly to the pharmacy for free delivery.


Once you have submitted this form and need a repeat prescription you will then need to call the POD on 0300 131 1100 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Again, one call is all it takes. The POD will liaise with your doctors surgery and send your prescription electronically to us.


The POD will contact us between 2-4 days after your call and then we will process your prescription which will be available for collection or delivery to your home as instructed. You can leave all the hassle to us!

You can also access a POD leaflet here.

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